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Career planning and development. How to prepare for a job interview, common interview questions and examples of answers, how to create a professional resume, how to wrote a cover letter.

What are the types of career and professional development

Types of Careers and Career Growth: Professional, Intra-Organization, Qualification, Status Growth

The versatility and complexity of the process of career growth and, in general, a career is reflected in the diversity of its types.

There are many different features and criteria for classifying career types. In addition, there are several principal trajectories of a person’s movement within a profession or organization that will lead to different types of careers.

What is a career, career growth, professional promotion: meaning, differences

What Is a Career, Career Growth and Professional Promotion: Meaning, and Differences

The career concept does not mean an indispensable and constant movement up the organizational hierarchy. It should also be noted that a person’s life outside of work has a significant impact on the career and is part of it.

In other words, a career is an individually conscious position and behavior associated with work experience and activities throughout a person’s working life.

How to Tell Your Boss You Are Leaving: What to Say, Resignation Letter Example

How to Tell Your Boss You’re Quitting: What to Say, Tips, and Resignation Letter

Decided to move on? Your current job brings you neither pleasure nor development and normal income. It is time to change something, and you have made the final decision to quit. But how to tell your boss you are leaving and do it tactfully?
In this article, you will learn what not to do when you are fired, find tips and a step-by-step guide on how and what to tell your boss about your decision to quit, and see a sample letter of resignation.