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10+ Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager During a Job Interview

What questions you can and even should ask a potential employer at an interview? And why do this? Read further in the article.

The ideal situation is when a job interview goes in the format of a conversation: two people ask each other questions and answer them.

Of course, the main attention is focused on the candidate for the position: his qualification, work experience, and skills. But this does not mean that the employer does not expect counter-questions from you. In such a way you can manifest enthusiasm and sincere interest in getting a job.

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When and About What Can You Ask the Employer?

Most often, the opportunity to ask your questions to the employer arises at the end of the interview when the interviewer says you “Do you have any questions?” 

What can you ask about? Firstly, about the position and job responsibilities, about the company and corporate culture. 

Prepare at least two questions that will demonstrate:

1) your interest in work;

2) the desire to succeed in this position;

3) the fact of the “homework” done (studied information about the company, about the industry in which it operates, about the goods and services that it provides, etc.).

If you decide not to prepare questions for a potential employer, or not to ask them anything at all, you may make a ridiculous mistake and miss your chance of getting a job.

So the interviewer may think you are not particularly interested in getting a vacant position or did not prepare for the interview as you should have.

In addition, the employer’s answers to your questions will help you learn more about the vacant position, job duties, the company, and much more. At the end of the interview, you will be able to understand “Is this job suitable for me?”.

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What Questions to Ask the Employer? The Main Discussion Themes

To make it easier for you to decide and choose the right questions, first, we will analyze what topics can be discussed with a hiring manager. There are three main themes:

  1. Job. This category includes questions regarding the work process: job responsibilities, working time, reporting, career growth, probationary period, business trips, etc. All these questions will help you understand what your working day will be like, and what tasks you need to perform. You will be able to learn more about the vacant position and understand whether this position is suitable for you or not. 
  2. Company. First of all, this topic includes questions that reflect your interest in the company itself and the field in which it operates: competitors, main goals, industry, innovations, technology, and production.
  3. Corporate culture. This topic includes questions about the team, the company’s culture, its mission and values, events for employees, and various organizational issues. 


Do not ask questions that require a clear yes or no answer. Avoid “big” and extensive questions, so as not to put the employer in an awkward position.

17 Questions to Ask an Employer at the Job Interview

What questions to ask a potential employer during the job interview
What Questions to Ask an Employer in a Job Interview?

Sample Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager About Work Process:

  1. Would you mind telling me about my daily duties in more detail?

The employer’s answer will allow you to understand whether you will be able to fulfill your duties, whether you are ready for work and whether this position suits you.

2. What qualities would an ideal candidate have for this position?

You can use the answer to this question for your own goals. During the further conversation, convince the employer that you are suitable for this position and have these qualities.

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3. What are the challenges an employee may encounter in the workplace?

This question will allow you to see the real picture of the workflow. You will be able to understand what awaits you, and what difficulties you will face.

4. Does the company offer promotion opportunities and opportunities for further career growth?

This question shows the employer your interest in getting a job, desire to fulfill the work tasks, and develop with the company.

5. Do I need to go through any training before starting work?

6. What are the features of the probationary period for this position?

You can clarify whether the probationary period is paid, how long it will last, and what the company expects from a new employee during this period.

7. Is there a possibility that the employee may be sent on a business trip?

8. Who would I be reporting to? And with what other departments interact? 

Sample Questions to Ask the Employer About Company

9. What are the company’s long-term business goals? 

10. What is your favorite thing about your company?

This question will reduce formality, and allow you to communicate with the interviewer more at ease. You can learn about his personal work experience in the company.

11. What challenges has the company faced in recent years?

Perhaps you can offer the employer your vision and ways to solve these problems if you have the necessary experience and skills.

12. What can you tell me about your new products (or services)?

13. What innovations are being applied or are there changes in the technologies used in the production of goods/services? 

Sample Questions to Ask the Employer About Corporate Culture

14. The company’s website says that the core values are… Could you tell me more about it and give an example?

The employer will be pleased that you prepared for the interview: found and studied information about the company. 

15. Does the company provide training courses for employees?

16. How would you describe the work environment at the company? 

17. Could you describe the team in which I will work?


When preparing the right questions for the employer, remember that your main goal is to look like a person who:

  • Thoroughly prepared for the interview: found and studied the necessary information about the company. 
  • Interested in getting a job.
  • Ready to start working.

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In order not to heat the atmosphere of the job interview, it is better to refrain from asking questions about wages, vacation pay, or pay for overtime. It is better to discuss these questions with the HR manager or the employer after the successful interview.

First of all, you need to think about how to demonstrate your professional skills, experience, and qualifications to the employer.

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