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Interview Question “Why Should We Hire You?”: 7 Best Answers

A job interview is a stressful situation for all of us. You will be face-to-face with a prospective employer and have to answer various questions about your qualification, skills, and work experience. One of these questions may sound like this: “Why should we hire you?”.

Why Do Employers Ask the Question “Why Should We Hire You”?

First of all, the employer assesses your reaction to the question. After all, he (or she) needs to understand the candidate’s motivation, not make a mistake, and choose the best employee for the company.

Especially if an employee (the HR manager) conducts the interview. The HR manager like no one else is interested in hiring a qualified employee who will fulfill his duties well.

If the manager makes a mistake and chooses a bad candidate, then his professional reputation will suffer.

Why Prepare the Answer to the Interview Question “Why Should We Hire You” in Advance, and How to Do It

Employers and HR managers like to ask the question “Why should we hire you?”. To avoid a long pause and not get into an awkward situation, because you don’t know what to say, please, prepare several answers in advance.

Why should we hire you? How to prepare job interview
Why should we hire you? How to prepare answer to the job interview

The first thing you need to do is read the job requirements. Then write down a few (three or four) of your professional skills that meet these requirements and are necessary for the job. It can be:

  • technical skills (for example, knowledge of programs, the ability to work with office equipment, and knowledge of languages);
  • personal qualities (good organization, punctuality, diligence);
  • work experience;
  • experience in performing specific tasks and responsibilities;
  • achievements, awards;
  • education, additional education.

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Use a combination of several skills in your answer. For example, you have a specialized education + work experience in this field + discipline + good results at a previous job.

You do not know what your competitors, other applicants for this vacancy, will answer. But now you are faced with an important challenge: to present yourself as the best candidate.

Try to convince the employer that you:

a) can do the job and achieve good results;

b) you have the necessary qualifications, skills, and work experience;

c) fit perfectly into the team.

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How Not to Answer the Employer’s Question “Why Should We Choose You”, and What Mistakes to Avoid

In order not to fail the job interview, let’s look at the mistakes that you need to avoid:

  1. Lack of preparation. To feel confident during an interview, you need to take some time and prepare. Try to find those 3-4 skills that you can tell the employer about, and present them as your advantages over other candidates.
  2. Do not respond with typical, generalized phrases: “I am smart, skilled, and driven, and I want to get this job.” Your goal is to stand out from other job applicants. But everyone can answer with such a template phrase.
  3. Modesty. An interview is not the time or place to be modest. Of course, this does not mean that you need to immediately declare that you are an ideal candidate. Just state the facts: I won this award, I achieved this, I have 10 years of experience, I got a promotion, I broke a sales record, etc. Or you can quote a manager or employer: “The boss said that I…“.
  4. Don’t talk too much about yourself. It is enough to list a few basic skills that meet the requirements for the position. Read post “Tell Me About Yourself”: How to Introduce Yourself in a Job Interview, Sample Answers.”
  5. When comparing yourself to other candidates, it is important not to praise yourself and not to look like a self-conceited boaster

And remember this rule: 

The duration of each of your answers at the interview should not exceed 1-2 minutes (unless, of course, there are no additional questions-clarifications from the employer).

If this question was not asked during the interview

Even if you don’t hear the question “Why should we hire you” at the interview, you will still need a pre-prepared answer to be able to correctly respond to other interview questions, for example:

Or the employer may ask: “Do you want to tell anything else about yourself?”. Then start your answer like this:

I want to say that I am very interested in getting this job, and I am sure that I can contribute to the company’s growth, because …”.

Example Answers to the Interview Question” Why We Should Hire You?”

Answer #1

I have all the necessary skills and work experience to cope with the project manager’s responsibilities.

In addition to my successful experience in managing and implementing projects, I also have excellent communication skills: I have always found a common language with customers, developers, and suppliers. Moreover, for me, this area of activity is not just a job, this is exactly what I like to do.” 



Why Should We Hire You? Answer #2

“After reading the job ad for a programmer, I realized that I meet all your requirements. 

I have four years of programming experience. At the same time, I have good communication skills. For a long time, I worked directly with senior executives. That is why I am 100% prepared to work on large interagency projects. I will join the work process on the first day, and will be very glad to have this opportunity.”


Answer #3

“That’s a good question! You have a slight advantage as you know exactly who you are looking for.

But from the vacancy announcement, I understand that you are looking for someone who can quickly and effectively solve customer problems.

In this case, I want to say that I am a great fit for this position. And in confirmation, I would like to say that I repeatedly faced difficult clients at my last job who were extremely categorical and wanted to immediately terminate the service contract.

But I was able not only to persuade them to stay but also to convince the client that we are the best on the market. Thanks to this, at my previous work, I have received the honorary title of “best employee” for two years in a row.”


Answer #4

“Firstly, I have the necessary experience – this is 2 years of work on television. And, secondly, a great desire to try as a producer’s assistant.

In the last years of study at University X, I began to undergo training at… Later I was invited to stay there to work. I am familiar with all the processes of TV production and even participated in the editing of several episodes. I have a reputation as an employee who can quickly complete any task, even with a smile.

I like this field of work, this is exactly what I want to do next.”


Why Should We Hire You? Answer #5

“As far as I understand, your company is looking for an experienced marketer to create an effective strategy for distributing and selling products at new market segments. 

While working at Company X, I was able to achieve a 25% increase in sales by implementing targeted advertising on social media.

I would like to help your company achieve the same results because I have the necessary knowledge and experience. I can analyze competitors, I can choose the right strategy for development and I can identify free niches for distributing your products.”

Answer #6

“The ad says you are looking for an employee who is patient, organized, and has excellent communication skills.

While volunteering for the National Paralympic Committee, I have learned to be patient, loyal, and kind to athletes and Paralympic participants. I organized and coordinated various events for athletes. It helped me to develop the communication and planning skills that are needed for the work at your company.”

Answer #7

“I think I’m suited for the position of Restaurant Manager. I have five years of experience. During this time I was able to increase profits for the restaurant owner by 27%, as well as optimize the purchase of products and, thus, reduce costs.

In addition, I am familiar with all the stages and processes that are somehow connected with the restaurant business. I went through several stages before becoming a manager: I started my career as a waiter, and after six months I was promoted to shift manager.”


There are no secrets to how to successfully pass an interview with a 100% guarantee. We are all different, and too many factors affect what the result will be after passing the interview.

But there is one indisputable rule, even more, advice:

The more specific examples you provide to the interviewer in your answers, the better your chances of getting the job you want.

Good luck!

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